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Higgar Tor Panorama

Ray Drainville

A picture from a few weeks ago:

This was an interesting experiment. Readers many know that I’ve made a lot of virtual reality panoramas over the years. Given the rise of portable devices such as the iPhone & iPad, however, is requiring a re-think of how we present them: browsers on portable devices don’t support any plugins. The examples in the above link require Quicktime, which is just as forbidden as Flash. It looks like the only option is Javascript-based interactivity, which will require some serious testing.

So why is the above picture an experiment? Well, because instead of using all my VR photographic kit, I used an iPhone & Debacle Software’s Pano, which does a really nice job for casual picture creation. You can’t, so far as I can tell, make a complete 360-degree panorama. Perhaps that’s coming, though.