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Shape Type

Ray Drainville

Hot on the heels of Kern Me is Shape Type—by the same people, incidentally. This type, you test your abilities to design type as well as the masters who made the fonts in the first place:


My mind is thoroughly blown by this. It’s another tour-de-force of HTML5 programming. Like Kern Me, Shape Type is an amazing use of the canvas element. Who knew that you’d be able to replicate Illustrator’s vector-editing environment in a web browser? Not me.

Kern Me

Ray Drainville

Type nerd? Appalled by keming? Then you will really love the Kern Me game.

This is an inspired bit of coding, spectacularly well done. And not only do you use your left & right arrow keys to shift the letters, as in standard typesetting apps. To increase the amount of shift, and totally without thinking I held down the ‘shift’ key while using the arrow keys, and that works, too!

The Universe in Chromoscope

Ray Drainville

The University of Cardiff’s Chromoscope is a fantastic way to visualise different wavelengths—visual, x-ray, radio & more—in the universe. Use the slider to see the differences: you start to see some of the interactions between them.


Ray Drainville

That the recent brouhaha over the death of XHTML2 is totally overdone. After all, the spec was so fucking obtuse & abstract that no browser vendor was going to implement it.

I mean, the authors wanted to get rid of the IMG tag, fer chrissakes!