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It’s So Hard to Find a Wedding Band that Really Speaks to Our Love, Darling

Ray Drainville

This video seems to illustrate something that was mentioned briefly in the last episode of BBC Three’s Singing with the Enemy, where the lead singer of death metal group Amputated (and didn’t he look exactly like a young Murray from Flight of the Conchords?) mentions that sometimes he makes “oinking” sounds while singing. Very metal.

Planet of the Apes

Ray Drainville

Richard Strauss: What hath I wrought?

Gotta love that warbly voice-over.

I’m pretty sure that I, or at least friends of mine, had at least half of these items when I was an impressionable youth—it all seems so familiar.

But you have to wonder why the humans just keep getting caught. Is this fun?

On the Glories of Spam

Ray Drainville

It’s hardly a controversial position, but I don’t like spam. I really hate it, actually. Past email addresses eventually got so clogged that I had shut shut them down & create news just to regain sanity in my life. This approach is perhaps best called the “Slash and Burn” method.

But… you can’t deny that spam has come up with some wonderful things. Well, specifically, one: the spurious names that are appended to the “from” header. They consist of a combination of a couple of words taken randomly from the dictionary & a “middle initial”, all intended to bypass your spam filters. These random couplings sometimes beget glorious results:

  • Double O Tedious (Irish, perhaps?)
  • Urinate G. Coordinator (this almost sounds like a job title)
  • Omens H. Absolutism
  • Gunshots I. Senatorial (I’ve received this one many times over the years—perhaps these aren’t as random as I thought)
  • Religiously H. Panacea (interesting combination there)
  • Stultifies H. Putrescence
  • Chuvash B. Residue
  • Powering H. Kahlua (for the adolescent alcoholic)