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Good Night, Liebchen

Ray Drainville

My son loves Curious George. I love pretentious cinema. How can we resolve our viewing dilemmas?

Perfect. No, really, this is inspired.

Nice Look

Ray Drainville

So I’m getting bored with the way I look. It’s time for a change. Here’s the beginning of an occasional series I’d like to call:

Take Me Seriously—I Am A Professional

First, the suit:

Then, the glasses:


The Big Caption

Ray Drainville

A brilliant idea: take the wonderful photographs found on The Big Picture & add teh funneh. As The Big Caption’s mission statement says, it’s

A complement to The Big Picture wherein Jokes and Statements are made using Typography.

They’ve not been publishing much recently: I hope the Copyright Police haven’t shut them down. Here are two of my favourites:

And, equally strong:

Heh—it’s funny ’cause it’s true!

Hoogerbrugge: Modern Living/Neurotica Series

Ray Drainville

This is a fantastically surreal archive of interactive Flash blobs. In Internet years, this stuff is like a million years old, but I keep coming back to it when I need a jolt of the seriously weird. Han Hoogerbrugge hasn’t given up this work, having created a somewhat more restrained ProStress & the seriously fun Hotel series.


Ray Drainville

So Microsoft has been churning out lots of really crap stuff recently—as well as really good stuff like the ongoing work on IE9. But this post is about the crap stuff. A prime example is “Songsmith”, software that helps you create the most banal music based on how you’re singing.

We’re going to place Songsmith within the context of a big joke. First:

The Wind-Up


The Pitch

Running with the Songsmith”, based upon the old Van Halen song. Seriously? That’s what it came up with to accompany the singing? I laughed until I cried.