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That’s your answer?

Ray Drainville

The following is a real conversation.

I smell a familiar scent.
Me: “Do you have tequila again?”
Her: “No.” Takes a sip.
Me: “That’s tequila.”
Her: “Yes.”
Me: “Why did you say ‘no’ when I asked if you had tequila?”
Her: “I thought you said ‘do you have to kill again?'”.
Me: “And your answer was ‘No’? Really?”

Local news

Ray Drainville

There’s a website called Angry People in Local Newspapers. It does such a beautiful job of capturing that small-town feeling you get where the locals get outraged about something. They invariably get their photo taken, apparently whilst feeling outraged, but more often they look a little glum & peeved.

This seems a peculiarly British phenomenon, but that may be simply because most local American newspapers have long since snuffed it.

Forehead injections

Ray Drainville

It appears that you can get a subdermal saline injection; and, not only can you, some people in fact are doing so. Evidently the effect wears off over time.

Vice Magazine called these people Bagelheads. When this was presented on BoingBoing years ago, one great commentator made the perfect observation: