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Leather Jackets and Children

Ray Drainville

From The Onion: “Study Finds Owning Cool Leather Jacket More Rewarding than Raising Children”

As I have been doing both in parallel, it would be impolitic for me to comment on the conclusions of this article.

Balaclavas of the damned

Ray Drainville

It gets cold in Sheffield & I occasionally need a balaclava. I need this balaclava:

Regretsy (sadly defunct) had the following fantastic comment on it:

Before you dismiss these as being totally impractical, consider how fun it would be to put one on and go wash your car in the driveway. Or if you live in an apartment, you could just keep one by the door for when that kid comes by to sell you a subscription to People.

Nice Look

Ray Drainville

So I’m getting bored with the way I look. It’s time for a change. Here’s the beginning of an occasional series I’d like to call:

Take Me Seriously—I Am A Professional

First, the suit:

Then, the glasses: