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Do I Like This

Ray Drainville

So, is this blog dead or what? It’s undeniable that there have been few posts on it all year. Why is that?

Part of the silence is due to work: we’ve been busy, and in fact I’ve yet to write up a report on our latest launch. But even when there has been downtime, I haven’t posted here. Instead, I’ve posted to… Facebook.

Yes, Facebook. I regret this now: it’s insidious how it sucks you into its own little world. I don’t want to get into an extended reflection on Facebook, but the promise of speaking to friends is very compelling. It’s just too bad that generally it encourages the shallowest of interchanges—similar to how it devalues the meaning of “friendship”. In any event, I’ve been posting things I like there instead of here. That’s going to stop. I’ll repost on the blog the things I’ve been posting on Facebook.