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Leather Jackets and Children

Ray Drainville

From The Onion: “Study Finds Owning Cool Leather Jacket More Rewarding than Raising Children”

As I have been doing both in parallel, it would be impolitic for me to comment on the conclusions of this article.

Tiny Art Director

Ray Drainville

Before I started off on my own, I worked for what seemed like an eternity for a graphic design firm. The art director would give incredibly vague orders & was outraged when we didn’t read his mind. I think a four-year-old would have been a better boss.

Step forward, Tiny Art Director! Your commands are far clearer, and your criticism are more reasoned! Example:

The Brief: I want you to draw me a dinosaur! Not a scary one! He’s taking a bath.
The Critique: I don’t like him.
Job Status: Rejected.