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Apologies for Downtime; Some Interesting (and Utterly Random) Links

Ray Drainville

Bloody hell! I pre-posted a few articles in our Typo-based blog & brought the whole blog down. Ian says permissions got munged. Perhaps the pre-dated posts did it, but it’s a bit of a mystery as to why.

I’ve been deep in the middle of fixing CSS bugs on one job & designing another site, so haven’t had much chance to write here. Here are some things which have looked very interesting:

  • Under the hood look at the new Backpack—Interesting-sounding changes afoot for Backpack. Interesting to read about “Hover Observer”, which monitors the user’s mouse movements over a page & appends :hover classes on-the-fly as & when appropriate. A great idea, although I’d be worried about excessive memory usage.
  • Apple’s new .Mac web gallery uses a 408 KB javascript library. Yikes! Apparently it’s based—at least in part—on Sproutcore. And Prototype. And Scriptaculous.
  • “In other words, A = A”—A great Daily Show clip of Bush’s condescending [mis]usage of a stock phrase.

Busy, Busy, Busy

Ray Drainville

Contrary to the way things look right now, this blog is not dead! Ian has been hard at work on a project for a client & further refining resources_controller. He’ll have lots of news on that & other plugins once the job is done.

I, on the other hand, have far fewer excuses. While I’ve also been hard at work on a project for other clients & working on our business development & marketing, Finally, I’ve been working on the design for this blog, which will be implemented once we switch our blog engine. Work for ourselves, as so many designers can recognise, comes well after our clients’.