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All Change

Ray Drainville

Back in 2006, when this blog was started, I wrote an article called Why “Mechanical Turk”?, with a consideration of the real Mechanical Turk’ history.

As a couple of years have passed now, though, it became always clear that the name didn’t quite make sense for us. Sure, we talk about automating things & we talk about the human processes that are behind those automations—but the gist of the blog & even its very look didn’t support it. Add to that some of the sceptical comments some people have had (thinking that we were trying to hitch our star to Amazon—c’mon, like that’d work), we knew we were going to change the name.

So the name “Falling Leaves” has bounced around our heads for some time. Naturally, it plays upon the leaves in our logo, but the concept of random little bits, lying on the ground for other people to discover, actually fits the reality of this blog. For while we intended it to contain lots of good content, some of it—namely, mine—has been pretty, well, random.

In any event, I’ve finally had enough free time in the schedule to, erm, change a graphic & alter some text.

Busy, Busy, Busy

Ray Drainville

Contrary to the way things look right now, this blog is not dead! Ian has been hard at work on a project for a client & further refining resources_controller. He’ll have lots of news on that & other plugins once the job is done.

I, on the other hand, have far fewer excuses. While I’ve also been hard at work on a project for other clients & working on our business development & marketing, Finally, I’ve been working on the design for this blog, which will be implemented once we switch our blog engine. Work for ourselves, as so many designers can recognise, comes well after our clients’.