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Psychedelic Painting

Ray Drainville

Bruce Riley paints in poured resin to create what the artist calls psychedlic paintings:

It’s a fascinating technique. You can see the relation to someone like Jackson Pollock, in that he’s reacting to the placement of previous layers on the surface & making immediate judgements as to where and what to paint next. The results are really interesting in & of themselves, but for me the real fascination lies in the process. Those animations give you a real feel for how he works & the moving artworks themselves are what makes the work truly psychedlic. This is a difficult technique to get right: one false move & all you’d have is a big grey mess.

Cannot Unsee

Ray Drainville

From the Psalter of St Louis & Blanche of Castile, ca. 1225–1250:


This Charming Charlie

Ray Drainville

Over the Christmas break, we watched the Charlie Brown Christmas TV special from our childhoods. I loved Charles Schulz’s Peanuts comic strip. Having watched the TV show again, though, wow! How miserable they all were. It’s a strip deriving humour out of depression.

We’re not the only ones who’ve noticed this, however, and someone far more creative than I created “This Charming Charlie”, pairing the cartoon with—get this—lyrics by the Smiths.

Not An Awesome Dad

Ray Drainville

Seriously, in the morning I need two cups of coffee and a cup of tea before I have working vocal chords, let alone creativity.

What It’s All About

Ray Drainville

In my post about Steve Jobs’ death, I didn’t write about the effect he’s had on my life. I should do that, here.

I got my hands on my first computer, a Mac Classic, in 1990. The first thing I thought was: this is a new tool for art. I started creating 2-bit artwork in glorious MacPaint and, while it was silly, pretentious stuff, those pieces were the first tentative steps that got me to where I am today, illustrating & making websites. Thanks, Steve.