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Ray on Radio Sheffield This Morning

Ray Drainville

ArDes creative director & partner Ray Drainville will be interviewed on Radio Sheffield this morning at about 11 am about relations between South Yorkshire & the United States.

A US ex-pat living in Sheffield, Ray has been interviewed many times on the radio commenting on US–UK relations. This started back in the 2000 US Presidential election debacle when, at the end of a completely sleepless night, Ray had to explain the electoral college to the interviewer. His commentary continued throughout the next six weeks as the election eventually found itself in the Supreme Court & its sorry conclusion. Ray was also interviewed many times before the 2004 US Presidential election, which saw George W. Bush placed back in power after beating the hapless John Kerry.

Memorably, Ray was also interviewed on 11 September 2001 during the attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York & the Pentagon in Washington. Being on the radio & commenting on these horrible events leant an air of unreality to the whole day, which wasn’t helped by the fact that Ray had only seen the attacks first on the televisions in the Radio Sheffield building.

Today’s interview is sparked by the building of a replica of the Brooklyn Bridge in Sheffield, a commemoration of the UK’s long (& Ray would say troubled) relationship with the US.

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