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Favourite Songs

Ray Drainville

Tom Waits’ “Altar Boy”, a minor classic that the artist deems an “orphan bastard”. How glorious:


Ray Drainville

Over Christmas break, we had a bit of snow. Once the sun appeared, it of course started melting. Fascinatingly, the sun was burning the ice right off the trees on our street. The rising steam made it look like they were on fire, a phenomenon I had never before encountered.

Ye Olde Sheffield Trams

Ray Drainville

Happy New Year!

I rather enjoyed my rest—including my extended rest from blogging—and got rather a lot done. A new year sparks new resolutions, however, and one of mine is to start blogging again. To start the new year, let’s go backwards in time!

The BFI has a wonderful, 113-year-old film travelling some of the old tramlines of Sheffield. Every now and then, I experienced a flash of recognition of streets I’ve gone down hundreds of times in this, my adopted city, here looking rather different.

High-speed garlic peeling made simple

Ray Drainville

I have spent decades peeling mountains of garlic: how did I not know this technique? Mind = blown.

PS I tried this, with the predictable result of having one small, papery sliver taken off the garlic. There goes another magic technique…