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Gallery of dull book covers

I love book covers. But there are a lot of unfortunate examples out there, particularly from academic presses. Here are some pages that collects them!

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Gorgeous Book Cover Designs

Why wait once a year for great book cover design? The Readerville Journal’s Most Coveted Covers goes all year round. How the hell did I miss this site?!?

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Best Book Cover Design 2008

Book cover design means a lot to me. They say you’re not to judge one by its cover, but what do they know? A good book cover will attract your interest & help pick one out of thousands others. And […]

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Best of Book Cover Designs of 2007

Book cover design is close to my heart—if you’re an avid reader, it’s nice to have a really attractive cover to the book you’re reading. Joseph Sullivan of Book Design Review publishes his favourite book cover designs of 2007. From […]

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Great Book

I’ve just finished Mark Forsyth’s great book The Elements of Eloquence, a run-down of rhetorical tricks that have been taught, and used, for millennia. Under “Hyperbaton”, he writes about the 7-year-old JRR Tolkien, who wrote a story about a “great […]

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