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This Charming Charlie

Ray Drainville

Over the Christmas break, we watched the Charlie Brown Christmas TV special from our childhoods. I loved Charles Schulz’s Peanuts comic strip. Having watched the TV show again, though, wow! How miserable they all were. It’s a strip deriving humour out of depression.

We’re not the only ones who’ve noticed this, however, and someone far more creative than I created “This Charming Charlie”, pairing the cartoon with—get this—lyrics by the Smiths.

Leather Jackets and Children

Ray Drainville

From The Onion: “Study Finds Owning Cool Leather Jacket More Rewarding than Raising Children”

As I have been doing both in parallel, it would be impolitic for me to comment on the conclusions of this article.

Ye Olde Sheffield Trams

Ray Drainville

Happy New Year!

I rather enjoyed my rest—including my extended rest from blogging—and got rather a lot done. A new year sparks new resolutions, however, and one of mine is to start blogging again. To start the new year, let’s go backwards in time!

The BFI has a wonderful, 113-year-old film travelling some of the old tramlines of Sheffield. Every now and then, I experienced a flash of recognition of streets I’ve gone down hundreds of times in this, my adopted city, here looking rather different.