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Instant Familiarity

Ray Drainville

I understood this immediately, and I blame a friend of mine who, when I was an impressionable 18-year-old, demanded that we see this movie 10 times one Summer.

So there’s this guy up on stage with on-fire barrels and the Santa Carla crowd is just loving it and he’s this big bodybuilder with an extremely oiled and nude torso and long greasy mullet and I think some chains around his neck—not like pretty little gold chains but the kind of chains you use to haul an engine out of a ’64 Thunderbird? And he’s singing and pointing at the stone foxes in the crowd but then he also pauses from time to time to lustily play the saxophone. But Jason Patric is too infatuated with Jami Gertz to pay attention and Corey Haim is all WTF why are you not totally entranced by the oiled saxophonist like I am, and that, son, that is why the Eighties was the best decade ever.