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Constructivism Poster

Ray Drainville


Yonatan Shemmer of the University of Sheffield’s Department of Philosophy contracted us to design a poster for his new AHRC-funded project, “Constructivism in Practical Philosophy”. Because it had to compete with other posters on limited bulletin board space, the design could only be the size of an A4 sheet.

Students of art history won’t be surprised how swiftly we turned to Russian Constructivism for the design. As an art movement, Russian Constructivism was very bold—stark, even, at times. This is ideal for poster design! Particularly when you’re competing against lots of other things clamouring for your interest.

We used a stripe of bold red to differentiate between the activities of the project & its star participants, with smaller stripes to highlight two important items, the link to their blog & information about the conference that’ll be held in in August. We also added a very pale, graded yellow wash over the background—5% yellow up at the top right to white at the bottom. The result is subtle, but when it’s up against other white posters, unmistakable.

More information about the Project can be found on their blog.